What is Shinkyokushinkai Vɐ^

Kyokushin karate is a great cultural and spiritual heritage established by late Sosai Masutatsu Oyama?fs utmost efforts which Japan can be proud of to the world.
Now we have taken over the will of Sosai by starting our renewed organization, ?gShinkyokushinkai?h with its three valuable missions, ?eYouth Education?f, ?eInternational Communication?f and ?eSocial Contribution?f, to step forward to spread bushido spirits and Budo( Martial Art) karate world wide.

This mark symbolises "Kokoro" which is heart in Japanese.
It describes the melding of the 'mind', 'body' and 'skill' through diligent training and exploration of ourselves in the search for personal development leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. They are essential factors to developing the true Budo spirit.

kenji1        kenji2

*President Kenji Midori
The lightest man to win a World Championship with no weight restriction

Our Training

We aim to conduct training in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
People of all ages and ability will get together to train and support each other to enjoy progress as a group.

Through Karate, children learn to become more kind as they get more stronger.
They will train to strengthen their mind and body, and also understand respect and courtesy by interacting with others who have the same interest.

For adults, we would like to help by not only improving health and fitness, but also release any stress from your daily life through fun hard training. It will definitely make you feel like a different person when you leave the dojo.


Shinkyokushinkai spreads around the globe.
We are fortunate to have many events taking place nationally and internationally.

National and state championships take place every year.
We also have local championships taking place throughout the year as well
At a global scale, World Championships are held every two years to choose the strongest in the world.
The Dream Cup, an event with over 1000 competitors gather together in Tokyo Japan to participate in various categories, are open for international competitors every two years.

Camps and Seminars
Every year, Shinkyokushinkai Australia holds a national training camp, a time where members of our organization get together from dojos around Australia, and enjoy the weekend through training.
Seminars and combined training sessions also take place


Joining Fee $50
Insurance $40 (yearly)
Monthly Fee $80 *Family discount available
Pay Per Lesson $15 Per Lesson

* Joining us allows your to train at all affiliated dojos.